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Fault finding tips

Here are a few common faults and their solutions for Whirlpool products


Q. My Whirlpool oven is not heating at all

A. The most common faults are:

Is the oven working at all? you may have left it on 'automatic' Please ensure that it is turned to manual.

Is the thermostat red light on? If it is, it means that the thermostat is ok and  the element could be faulty Check for visible signs of damage to the element, such as splits or partial melting. If no visible damage can be seen the element will need to be tested with a multi meter. If you are not sure how to do this its best to call in a qualified engineer. (please obseve  saftey precautions)

The red light is not on: Most whirlpool ovens produced over the last eight years have electronic controls. Suspect a faulty control board

Q. My  Whirlpool oven is getting too hot

A. This can be a faulty thermostat ot sensor. Depending on the model. Some have a mechanical thermostat whereas most Whirlpool ovens produced over the last eight years have e an electronic control.

Q. The door will not close properly.

A. The hinges are worn. Not allowing the door to close the last few milimeters. Fit new hinges.